You keep watching other people and comparing what they are doing to what you are presently doing.

But I am here to tell you that you do not have to build your empire alone You do not have to wake up each morning trying to guess what needs to be done and what is most important for your business.

You have everything you need right in front of you to succeed. You are more than enough and you are ready to make this thing go global. You are ready for this!
You are ready to do this NOW and know it is now or never

• You want to increase your income
• Increase your visibility
• Become a household name
• Work with clients you love who buy from 
  you over and over
• Be referred and recognized as the best in
​​​​​​​  your field
Dynamic Business Boss (DBB)

• You want the tools to succeed
• You want to know how to create content everyday
• How to get comfortable doing videos
• How to collaborate and network with the right people
• How to manage your time and resources

You just want the tools!!!

Am I right?

Pricing Options
There are many options to choose from! Choose what best fits your need and budget.
$14USD /mo.
$171USD /yr.
Are you ready to make
​​​​​​​all this a reality?
Some of the tools you will get your
​​​​​​​hands on in DBB include:
• Content Marketing 
• Creating Sales Funnels 
• Mastery 
• Understanding your money 
• Time Management 
• How to get more visible 
• Creating packages that sell 
• How to determine your price point 
• Creating a facebook group 
• Email marketing and growing your list 
“Working with Adanna was a breath of fresh air to me. She not only helped me define my business goals and determine my ideal client, but she understood how I work best and used that approach to propel me further. I know 2017 will be a great year.”
Sian Cuffy-Young
“Adanna Austin is a one of a kind coach. The value she provides is unmatchable!!!! Being a part of her group Dynamic Business Strategists and then finally working with Adanna one on one, has helped propel my business to the next level. Her ability to get into your brain and pull crucial information that is lodged back there, information needed to take your business above and beyond, is incredible. Coupled with her great ideas and advice she is definitely the key player that every budding entrepreneur and business owner needs!!!! I definitely look forward to working with her again in the future.”
Ac Edwards
“This is longgggg over due. So here goes. Investing in a coach I must say is WELL worth it. And investing in the RIGHT coach is even more worth it. Needless to say, Adanna was the RIGHT coach for me. She helped me shift my Mindset and I completely understand how important mindset is now. Even when assessing my clients I can tell if they are a right fit for me just by how they talk as I can tell where they are at in terms of their mindset. Once your mind is right everything else will follow and fall into place. With Adanna I did not feel small or embarrassed or judged about my business. Often we are most critical of our own selves. She understands my business and its vision and she sees it capabilities which allowed me to see it as well. I had BIG goals for my business, which I soon realized weren't that big or impossible. I was able to see results in as little as 2 months and hit my monthly goal for my business. It blew my mind and showed me I can do it. Adanna is awesome and I highly recommend her. She truly knows her thing. She is is determined to help us succeed, passionate about what she does and I truly admire her patience and consistent professionalism. Also to close, her FB group has been an invaluable resource to me and many entrepreneurs, she continues to pour into us and for that I am grateful. Thank you Adanna!”
Cassia Marina
Pricing Options
There are many options to choose from! Choose what best fits your need and budget.
$14USD /mo.
$171USD /yr.